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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Saint Hildegard: Ancient Insights for Modern Seekers is a treasure trove of St. Hildegard’s bracing, rich, and transforming insights. Written for today’s seekers and spiritual directors, it takes us deeper into our own experiences accompanied by the mystic visionary, St. Hildegard, whose wisdom enriches our journeys.

Spiritual director and retreat guide Susan Garthwaite knows the journey well. St. Hildegard has deeply influenced her own spiritual life and work as a spiritual director. Like all of us today, St. Hildegard dealt with a world in turmoil—a fact that gives her contemporary relevance despite her twelfth-century context—and she believed that spiritual development was the key to peace in troubled times. In this reflective work, Garthwaite gives concrete examples of spiritual experiences and practices in which St. Hildegard’s insights draw out our own wisdom. She also gently touches upon our worst experiences, and offers St. Hildegard’s light for our liberation and fullness of life.

A richer life awaits. Read, reflect, pray, discern, journal, heal, befriend your soul, and discover your mystic self.

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Author Bio

Susan Garthwaite is a spiritual director, spiritual writer, prayer group leader, and retreat facilitator in the Chicago area. For many years, she was a medical physiologist and project team leader working on new medicines for cardiovascular disease. Besides her numerous scientific papers, she has published on spiritual direction in Presence and on spirituality, especially the wisdom of the women mystics, in Spiritual Life.


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