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Nonfiction-Award-GoldNonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


A true-life love story of a mated pair of Canada geese and their goslings. 

This remarkable, heart-warming saga showcases a committed and protective mated pair of Canada geese who decided to nest in a corporate courtyard in California. Author Barbara Klide and her business colleagues shared the honor of watching Hawkeye, Mother Goose, and their baby goslings for five months in consecutive years. 

With no body of water available, the fully enclosed soccer field-sized expanse offered the Canada geese a unique and sometimes challenging paradise. It allowed staff full observation, interaction, entertainment, and occasional worry while the geese warded off predators and ultimately thrived, nested, and hatched their goslings.

Through real-life stories and stunning photography, these dynamic life cycle events deliver insights, and promote appreciation and awareness of the natural world we share with Canada geese.  

For teens, adults, and families, this journey of smart and elegant creatures is also packed with researched, educational facts, and in-depth resources about Canada geese for further study and enjoyment from the National Geographic, National Audubon Society, and California Rice Commission.

“…Many full-color photographs…add to the vitality of a warm story likely to appeal both to adults and children…enjoyable primer on Canada geese behavior and characteristics.”

~Kirkus Reviews

“You and the people in the complex had a great opportunity to view and really connect to the geese raising a brood with all their difficulties. Having this experience makes people, young and old, more concerned for conserving habitat for the various birds, mammals, and insects that inhabit our earth. I commend you for your writing.”  

~Bill Bianco, President, Sacramento Audubon Society

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Secret Lives of Wild Canada GeeseAuthor Bio

Barbara Klide was born in New York City and graduated with an MBA from Golden Gate University, San Francisco. She is the Director of Marketing for Quest Technology Management, California. It was at this firm where she was presented the opportunity for discovery of the mated pair of elegant, sensitive and smart Canada geese and their goslings who nested several years in a row in the corporate courtyard.  Her skills in observation and compassion coupled with writing and photography allowed her to bring this amazing story to others who also find interest and excitement about nature and wildlife in our midst. 

Her early writings about this remarkable pair and their offspring drew much interest from several including Dr. Lorin Lindner, PhD, Wolves and Warriors, (Animal Planet) and Bill Bianco, President, Audubon Society, Sacramento.  Barbara donates book profits to various wildlife rescue groups and is also a contributing author to several anthologies published by the Northern California Publishers and Authors Association (NCPA) including Destination: The World Volumes One and Two, All Holidays 2020 and 2021, and More Birds of a Feather.

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