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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Bronze Award

Nonfiction Book Awards


Shadow to Light – Transformational Journeys from Abuse & Betrayal to Empowerment by Sasha SamyShadow To Light

Why do some people attract bullies or abusive partners, or engage in self-sabotaging or self-destructive behaviors? Shadow To Light is an inspirational book that celebrates the sacredness of life through the triumph of dignity, courage, and self-empowerment. Sasha Samy hopes that by sharing the transformational stories of conscious choices and forgiveness, others will garner the courage to confront and transcend their experiences. With poignant personal anecdotes, penetrating insights, psychological research and spiritual teachings, Samy integrates a practical and holistic approach to healing and transformation in her book.

Author Bio: 
Sasha Samy holds an M.A in English, diplomas in Education and TESL, and certificates in Counseling psychology, Psychotherapy, and Energy healing modalities. Samy has published poems in literary magazines, newsletters, and a national newspaper, as well as in an anthology. Her volunteer work has included helping out at a woman’s organization, fundraising for a hospital outreach group in Singapore and facilitating an English practice group for immigrants to Vancouver. Samy strongly believes that transformation and healing must take place from within and that each person has the capacity to heal and transform themselves. It is only in the healing and transformation of the individual, she says, that families, communities, societies, nations and the planet can heal.

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