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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Everyone has a pandemic story to tell. Dr. Andrew Duxbury has many: stories of a veteran geriatric physician caring for the most fragile patients in a university health system and rural homes in the Deep South; stories of his concern for family, friends, fellow practitioners, and the state of our healthcare system nationwide; stories of his own isolation, of the loss of simple pleasures and passionate pastimes; stories of policies and politics that contributed to tens of thousands of needless death as well-known preventative measures were actively discouraged by state and local governments and exacerbated by cultural divides. This is a rare account of a rare time in American history, a contemporaneous record from the end of “normal”, and the anxiety and despair felt by all, to the beginning of a fragile hope for a better future.


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Author Bio

Andrew Duxbury is originally from Seattle, Washington. He received his BS in chemistry and biology from Stanford University and his MD from the University of Washington. He spent his early career at UC Davis in Sacramento where he discovered the fascinating world of geriatric medicine and his first husband, Steve Spivey. He later left the West Coast for the Deep South and the geriatrics faculty of the University of Alabama at Birmingham where he continues to teach and practice geriatric medicine. After the untimely death of his first husband, shortly after moving to Alabama, he decided to rebalance his life, beginning a second career as a performer and picking up a second husband, Tommy Thompson along the way. Tommy also died young, leading to additional introspection and a third career as a writer. Dr. Duxbury continues to muddle through life in Birmingham with his two cats, Oliver and Anastasia, a host of friends, and his trusty laptop.


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