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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold


Two Powerful Books in One—From Sales Experts Connie Podesta and Meridith Elliott Powell
Whether you work in Sales or Sales Leadership, this book is—hands down—the resource you need right now. Comprehensive strategies. Straight talk. Brilliant insights that can transform your career.

The Best Sales Book Ever:
Cut Through the Obstacles and Send Sales Through the Roof
The people who achieve mind-blowing Sales success are the ones who figure out what NOT to do. They learn to let go of the beliefs destroying their potential. Excuses holding them back. Faulty assumptions costing them money. Negotiation tactics diminishing their power.
If you want to sell more, make more money, land larger customers, build stronger relationships, and get the recognition you deserve, this book describes exactly how to do it.

The Best Sales Leadership Book Ever:
Cut Through the Obstacles and Lead a Killer Sales Team
With extraordinary leaders to guide them, Sales teams consistently produce better results. Revenue goes up. Win ratios improve. Plus, the retention rate for top Sales talent skyrockets. Sales leadership is the key to all of it.
This book provides you with a concise, candid discussion about the leadership habits and behaviors that are critical if you want to develop a high-producing, goal-smashing Sales team.

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Connie Podesta is a Hall of Fame international keynote speaker, an award-winning author of nine books, and an expert in the Psychology of Sales and Human Behavior. Connie is known for being a game-changing, sales-generating, leadership-developing, revenue-building ball of fire. Her rare blend of laugh-out-loud humor, amazing insights, convention-defying substance and no-nonsense style have made her a consistently in-demand business and Sales speaker for more than 25 years.
Voted One of the Top Motivational Speakers to Energize Sales Teams by Resourceful Selling magazine, Connie is famous for dazzling her audiences with unforgettable, reality-based strategies that inspire them to take bold action. She also empowers these salespeople to dynamically change the way they approach every interaction, successfully taking on a new generation of customers who have more choices than ever before.

Named one of the Top 15 Business Growth Experts To Watch by CurrencyFair, Meridith is a highly acclaimed business growth expert, keynote speaker, and award-winning author. She coaches leaders to learn the Sales and growth strategies needed to help their organizations succeed, no matter what happens with the economy. Known for her innovative content, wicked wit and high-energy style, Meridith was recently voted One of the Top Motivational Speakers to Energize Sales Teams by Resourceful Selling magazine. Meridith delivers compelling keynotes that have salespeople on the edge of their seats, fully engaged and ready to produce powerful results.

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