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The Big Four Nonfiction Book Award WinnerCongratulations on your gold book award!

The Big 4: The Essential Strategic Decisions & Worksheets For Your Business-Building Book

Looking To Create an Astoundingly Successful Business-Building Book?

Interest in the hottest marketing trend of the decade — creating a business-building book — has exploded, thanks to the ease of publishing via print on demand (POD) and the popularity of ebooks.

Are you one of the thousands of executives, experts, entrepreneurs, business owners and professionals excited about the huge impact a book can have on your business, nonprofit, career or your brand?

Wondering which audiences to write your book for?
Unsure what topic(s) will produce the game-changing outcomes you seek?
Don’t know where to start and then what to do in what order?

This groundbreaking workbook is your answer! It will help you make one of the most important decisions you have ahead: which type of book to write that will lead to your desired results. Through its 18 steps and worksheets, you’ll make the essential strategic decisions that will empower your book to generate your specific growth goals (i.e., the best topic(s) and type(s) that will WOW the particular audiences related to those goals). It also includes a URL for a free printable interactive PDF version of this workbook.

Unpadded, pithy and absolutely on point, this book is part of our family of books for aspiring executive authors. It will save you hundreds of hours searching for inspiration while it helps you to easily and methodically decide where to focus your book creation effort. Developed over a decade by Carol Abrahamson and never before revealed beyond her high-paying clients, this ultimate system for making your book’s essential foundational decisions will get you off the daydreaming dime and moving forward.

As one of the many executives eager to produce a differentiating book that will catapult you and your business above the competition and to the next level, THIS is the preeminent comprehensive system that will help you get focused, organized and started creating a quality business-building book that will bring astounding new relationships, invitations and opportunities!

About Carol Abrahamson

An executive author whose first book opened doors that brought her one-person business over $2 million in consulting revenues, Carol has written dozens more about her expertise in three industries, becoming America’s foremost expert about the unique, complex, high-stakes options and opportunities of executives seeking notable results from their book. A different kind of business book expert — knowledgeable about the many facets and requirements of business and growth in numerous industries through her MBA and decades as a high-profile strategic advisor to CEOs/CFOs at Apple, McGraw-Hill, McKesson plus 1,000 others from companies of all sizes — she’s the premier strategic advisor about making a book work actively in tandem with a business to make amazing things happen!

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