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The Captivating Public SpeakerCongratulations on your silver book award!


Many people want to be speakers who captivate audiences. Few are. Nerves get in the way. A lack of knowledge gets in the way. Well-meaning but bad advice gets in the way.

Yet, there are dynamic speakers. Occasionally you hear them at conferences and other events. Why do they stand out? What do those people know that you don’t? They know what it takes.

Those dynamic speakers gained the right knowledge. Because all the practice in the world isn’t enough without that. Ordinary speakers practice too. But practicing without the right knowledge just reinforces speaking patterns that don’t work.

I’m Peter George, an award-winning author, public speaking expert, and veteran professional speaker. I’m going to show you a system of art and science that will transform your presentations. You’ll advance from an average speaker who merely informs to an exceptional one who inspires.

Most public speaking books offer tips to help improve your speaking skills, but they fail to provide a comprehensive understanding of the topic. However, in this multi-award-winning book, I’ll give you the advice you need to master your craft and advance your career.

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Author Bio

As a public speaking coach, veteran speaker, author, and podcast host, Peter helps people develop dynamic public speaking skills. As a result, they can consistently and confidently deliver compelling presentations that resonate with and benefit their audiences. To help them achieve this, he created the AMP’D Framework™ — an easy-to-follow system based on the magical blend of art and science that produces engaging talks and captivating speakers.

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