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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


When organizations make gender equity a priority, profits rise, turnover rates fall, and employees at every level experience higher job satisfaction. And yet, gender balance eludes U.S. corporations. The gender pay gap persists, and the percentage of women in executive positions rarely exceeds 15% across any industry. Companies struggle to find, retain and advance talented women, and women who land high-level positions often feel unwelcome at work.

We can change that. By adopting a Dignity Mindset that recognizes the common worth and needs of all employees, leaders can replace biased belief systems with gender-balanced principles that benefit everyone in the organization.

In The Dignity Mindset, veteran executive coach Susan Hodgkinson shows how gender-biased forces harm organizations. And her groundbreaking Dignity Mindset Toolkit provides a comprehensive road map that guides leaders to create gender-balanced organizations in which all employees—women and men—can reach their full potential while driving organizational success.

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Author Bio

Susan Hodgkinson is a trailblazer in personal branding and the founder of The Personal Brand Company. She is a leadership development expert, award-winning executive coach, and professional speaker.

She works with thousands of professionals in a diverse array of businesses who know they must strategically manage their own professional learning, leadership development, and personal brand to succeed. The Dignity Mindset is her second book, published in August 2019.

Hodgkinson is a keynote speaker at National Conferences such as TOIGO Groundbreakers, and at corporate leadership events in industries ranging from financial services to biotech. She was the 2020 International Women’s Day speaker at ESMT University, Berlin, Germany and was one of the CUTV News “Empowered Women” Series Spotlighters in 2020.

Hodgkinson is a member of — and contributing writer to — the Forbes Coaches Council. Her work has most recently been featured in HR Future Magazine, The Wall Street Journal, The New York Times, The Indian Express, The Detroit Free Press, Essence Magazine, The Boston Globe, and other major electronic media and syndicated business columns. She holds her MBA from Simmons School of Management and is on the Executive Education faculty there, at Boston’s The Partnership, The Commonwealth Institute, and at other business schools and Leadership Institutes.


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