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FUTURE OF THE IMPOSSIBLECongratulations on your bronze book award!


Are you curious about time travel? Think black holes and wormholes are cool? Then this book is for you.

Do you wish you could learn about science without having to muddle through dry texts or understand science jargon? Then this book is for you.

Enter the fascinating world of twins who age differently, Jupiter sized spaceships, multiverses, and other quirks of physics. The time travel tour includes a chapter on the ethics of time travel.

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Author Bio

The Future of the Impossible: The Physics and Ethics of Time Travel is based on Dannelle Shugart’s thesis for the Georgetown University Master of Arts in Liberal Studies program. She wrote it in part to give people who are interested in physics and time travel, but who are not scientists, a way to enjoy the science behind science fiction.

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