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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold Award

Nonfiction Book Award - Gold - 150







The Mobile Life: a new approach to moving anywhere

Author Names:

Diane Lemieux and Anne Parker

The Mobile LifeSynopsis:

Moving to live in a new country is an adventure equal in scope to the expeditions of great explorers. Your goal is more than just to move house, it is to move your life. The Mobile Life describes how you can plan and build a successful life for yourself (and your family) anywhere in the world. From making the decision to leave, to fitting in among new neighbours, this book describes a structured and innovative approach to relocating. Each chapter links the amazing story of Sir Ernest Shackleton’s 1914 Antarctic expedition to the skills, tools and mindset that help you manage the transition to create a new life anywhere.

Whether you move once or multiple times, whether you are about to move for the first time or have already moved, this book will make it possible for you to enjoy the mobile life. Buy the book on Amazon.

Author Bio:

Diane was born in Quebec, Canada and began travelling at the age of three. She has since lived in 10 countries (Canada, Hong Kong, the United States and Brazil, China, Mozambique, Congo-Brazzaville, Vietnam, the Netherlands, and most recently in Lagos, Nigeria) and speaks English, French, Dutch and Portuguese. She studied international and intercultural issues as well as communication and journalism. Her life goal is to build bridges of empathy and understanding between peoples and cultures through her books and articles. She has ten years experience in international development and over fourteen years as a freelance author, journalist and editor.

Anne was born to British parents in New Zealand and has lived in Hong Kong, Bahrain, Jamaica, Nigeria, the UK and Australia. She is currently based in Amsterdam, the Netherlands. She has over twenty years of experience working and training within international companies and in multicultural teams. Anne’s passion is to empower people who move abroad. With a career that spans a range of industries, she has used her wealth of experience to develop training programmes for international companies on culture, intercultural communication and personal change management. She also developed a unique training programme that was the basis for many of the concepts in this book.

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