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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


The Psychology of Belonging explores why feeling like we belong is so important throughout our lives, from childhood to old age, irrespective of culture, race or geography. With its virtues and shortcomings, belonging to groups such as families, social groups, schools, workplaces and communities is fundamental to our identity and wellbeing, even in a time when technology has changed the way we connect with each other.

In a world where loneliness and social isolation is on the rise, The Psychology of Belonging shows how meaningful connections can build a sense of belonging for all of us.

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Author Bios

Dr. Kelly-Ann Allen is an Educational and Developmental Psychologist, a Senior Lecturer in the School of Education, Monash University, and an Honorary Senior Fellow at the Centre for Wellbeing Science, Melbourne Graduate School of Education, University of Melbourne.

With 20 years’ experience working in educational contexts, Dr Allen is committed to translating her research, knowledge, and expertise from academia to educational contexts. This commitment prompted her to establish and lead the Global Belonging Collaborative, a large transdisciplinary team of researchers dedicated to developing the field of belonging through the dissemination of research, engagement in translational projects, and the pooling of international expertise.

Awarded the Australian Psychological Society’s 2016 ‘Award for Excellent PhD Thesis in Psychology’ and the 2016 Psychology of Relationships Interest Group’s ‘Psychology of Relationships Thesis Award’, Kelly’s doctoral research examined how school belonging could be increased among secondary school students. The quality of her research has also been acknowledged through the Dean’s Award for Research Excellence by an Early Career Researcher (2019), the Advancing Women’s Success Award (2020), the Dean’s Award for Enterprise (2021). Dr Allen has been recognised as one of Australia’s leading researchers for her field.


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