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THE RESILIENCE PLANCongratulations on your gold book award!


Resilience is not a given. You need a strategy.

Leaders and business professionals handle grueling hours and exceed high expectations. They are undaunted by challenges and embrace opportunities for growth. They assume they are resilient.

But given enough demands, anyone can burn out. This makes logical sense, yet you likely still think it could never be you. You are fabulous and at risk of burning out.

Resilience is not an innate character trait. Whether you’re in a leadership role or working as part of a team, you need to implement strategies that build and nurture resilience. You need a resilience plan.

Award-winning mental health expert Marie-Hélène Pelletier draws on her clinical practice and extensive knowledge in therapeutics and business practices to explore how resilience is the best defense against burnout and how everyone can build it in themselves―not with a one-size-fits-all plan but with strategies to help you create a custom plan.

Pelletier uses relatable stories and activities to bring her concepts into context. By working through the exercises in this practical guide, you will have a goal-oriented, custom strategy with the knowledge to implement and sustain it, to protect your health and success into the future.

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Author Bio

Throughout her career in business management and psychology, Dr. Pelletier has spearheaded a dialogue on the crucial issues of leadership resilience and workplace health. Drawing on her extensive background in corporate, insurance, governance and public sectors, she brings national and international perspectives and expertise on mental health and resilience as a key pillar of overall health. She is a bilingual practicing psychologist with over 20 years of experience in clinical psychology and advisory workplace psychology and holds a Ph.D. and an MBA from the University of British Columbia. Marie-Helene is a Member of the Global Clinical Practice Network of the World Health Organization, and past Director on the boards of the Canadian Psychological Association and the International Association of Applied Psychology. She has presented and authored and co-authored a number of industry and academic publications and has won numerous academic and industry awards. In 2024, Dr. Pelletier will release her new book, The Resilience Plan: A Strategic Approach to Optimizing Your Work Performance and Mental Health.

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