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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold


Atlanta, Georgia in the 1950s was not an easy place for a young black girl to grow up and thrive. The author, Linda Joyce, the ninth of eleven children, survived many challenging childhood circumstances too hopeless for most people to overcome. In The Second Room on the Right, Linda reaches down inside and plucks all those internal strings that connect us as human beings. Written with a combination of courage, humor, wisdom, and forgiveness, this book pulls out of the darkness into the light the truth behind race, class, and culture. It also makes the truth stand up and become a story of triumph.

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Author Bio

Linda Joyce is a native of Atlanta, Georgia, the ninth of eleven children and an avid reader. Her easy, unrestrained style paints the sound, shape, and color of the characters in her world. In 2014 and 2019, Linda was a winner in the Greensboro Senior Games, Silver Arts Literary Category. She received the 1st place blue ribbon, writing about her life experiences. The National Public Radio (NPR) station, WFDD 88.5FM, on the campus of Wake Forest University, has featured several stories from her memoir. In 2017, the NFAA selected Linda as Author of the Week.

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