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The Tired ChildCongratulations on your gold book award!


Kids across America are experiencing a sleep crisis. Sometimes, they can’t sleep because of screens or anxiety. But other times, the problem runs deeper. For many kids, sleep is a time when they don’t get enough oxygen. And because they can’t breathe, they can’t sleep. These kids are in crisis.

Do you know how to spot a child who isn’t sleeping? Do you suspect there’s something wrong with your child? Dr. Meghna Dassani’s latest book, The Tired Child, gives you the tools you need to get your kids to sleep well, learn well, and live well.

Childhood is brief. And when a kid falls behind, it can be impossible to catch up. When you save the sleep, you save the child. The Tired Child teaches you how to save the sleep.

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Author Bio

Dr. Dassani is passionate about helping children achieve healthy sleep. In her Houston-area sleep dentistry practice, she helps her pediatric patients breathe better every day. Dr. Dassani has trained many other providers in pediatric sleep dentistry and is a frequent speaker at professional conferences. A tireless advocate for children, she continues to research new methods to help her pediatric patients achieve healthy, restful sleep that allows them to learn and grow. You can find Dr. Dassani online at

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