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THE UNCERTAINTY SOLUTIONCongratulations on your gold book award!


A better approach to investing

This is not a typical investment book. It is an experiential guide on cultivating the mindset and behavior necessary to weather inherently uncertain and unpredictable markets. It doesn’t just tell you how to invest but how to think better about investing. Referencing studies on psychology, decision making, and investment behavior, Jennings provides a no-nonsense analysis of the financial markets and a road map to navigating its inevitable twists and turns.

Jennings uses mental models to create a latticework of wisdom that will help you evaluate investment advice and learn better behavior in the face of uncertainty. To name a few: ignore expert predictions, be wary of stories, and try to invest like a dead person.

An engaging dive into investing psychology and best practices, The Uncertainty Solution is an authoritative, accessible guide for both lay investors and professionals inundated with financial news and data. Read this book to improve your thinking about investing, practice better investment behavior, and ultimately, have more money.

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Author Bio

John Jennings is the president of a $15 billion wealth management firm and an adjunct professor at Washington University’s Olin Business School. He has finance and law degrees from the University of Missouri and a professional certificate in Investment Decisions and Behavioral Finance from Harvard.

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