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Are You a Best-Ever Boss? If No, Would You Like to Be One?
Then be A WOW!
Employees can be cynics and skeptics. Both have much in common—they’ve been disappointed, deceived, and at times, devastated. Most workplaces are loaded with the working wounded—men and women who have been let down by their leaders, their managers, their coworkers, even the culture of their workplace. They live for Fridays.
• Could that be yours?
• Is your workplace one where employees can’t wait to clock out?
• Would you like to discover how you can create a workplace where the best and most talented people line up to get in?
You can. Within this book are the strategies, tips and tools to make it so.
The WOW Factor Workplace shows it’s possible to create a workplace that not only WOWS everyone who works there, it WOWS everyone who hears about it.
Yes, you can create a workplace where the best and most talented people line up to get in. A workplace where every time top talent comes into your company, they say WOW! And, a workplace when employees are asked, “What’s it like to work at your company?” the response is, “I think I won the lottery!”
People join companies and leave bosses. Get ready to become a WOW boss in a WOW factor workplace.
WOW is within your reach with The WOW Factor Workplace: How to Create a Best Place to Work Culture.

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Author Bio:

Deb Boelkes is not just a role model heartfelt leader, she’s the ultimate authority on creating best places to work. 25+ years in Fortune 150 high tech firms, leading superstar business development and professional services teams. As an entrepreneur, she has accelerated advancement for women to senior leadership. Deb has delighted and inspired over 1,000 audiences across North America.

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