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Nonfiction Book Award - Gold - 150Nonfiction Book Award Status: Gold

Author Name: Kimberly Dewberry


What would you do if your estranged, homeless, alcoholic father suddenly showed up at your door? What if you knew in three weeks you would be saying good-bye to him forever? One daughter knows deep down that her only choice, for his sake and hers, is to forgive—but how?

Adult children of alcoholics and addicts live lives caged in guilt, shame, depression, and other self-destructive thought patterns. In Three Weeks to Forgiveness: God’s Redemption in the Dark Places of Addiction, author Kimberly Dewberry calls on her life as an adult child of an addict to address distinctive ways to receive forgiveness and create a healthy life through Jesus Christ. With real and raw reflection to empower those dealing with addicted parents, the author encourages readers to overcome the familial cycle of substance abuse and its devastating effects.

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Author Bio:

Kimberly Dewberry struggled for 25 years to cope with an addicted parent. She knows first-hand how the serenity and peace of God’s redemption are keys to personal wholeness.  Kimberly offers solid biblical truths to help transform women in the grace of a loving Heavenly Father. Her mission is to encourage and educate in order to serve those affected by addiction, alcoholism, and dysfunction in the family dynamic in such a way they would see the hope, healing, and freedom found in a relationship with Jesus Christ. Most days you can find her doing just that at her blog, Transforming Normal.

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