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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


There is no shortage of super jacked millionaires saying that all you need to be like them is to believe in yourself. The reality is that believing is fine, but if you want the action hero body that most of them are peddling you also need to be very lucky genetically, financially, and in the opportunities you have available.

When I decided it was time to get in shape, I found it exhausting to listen to the upbeat, barely sweating, endlessly enthusiastic trainers yelling, “you got this!”, when I really didn’t, in their giant facilities that seemed to only be filled with models and athletes.

So, this is my attempt to help anyone that is ready to work out but doesn’t want to deal with the unrealistic expectations that you will always want to be in the gym, that you won’t regret it, and that it isn’t going to suck the whole time.

This is a science backed, bodyweight only workout, so no gym membership or thousands invested in equipment, that can be customized to any fitness level to reach whatever goal you think is achievable.

It’s going to hurt, but we’re going to do it anyway.


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Author Bio

Calvin Vernon is competitive by nature. Always wanting to succeed and to make the best choices, he set his sights on fitness and was determined to meet his potential. It started with reading, and understanding, and then designing a process that included endorsements from popular and award winning fitness icons and then blended with the latest research in biomechanics and ergonomics. The outcome was a total body workout that could be backed up by factual research, and that cut out anything that didn’t directly lead to results. By the end of the experiment, his body changed so significantly that everyone in his life wanted to know the secret. Rather than repeat the process and draw it all out on the back of more napkins, he chose to write a book. 


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