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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Toughness has far more influence on our success and fulfillment than most of us imagine. True toughness is defined by character—who are you and are you secure in your identity? Capability—what are you able to do? Capacity—what are you able to withstand? And commitment—what are you willing to do?

Tough is an inspiring look deep into what makes us tough and why it matters, and a complete practical guide to developing and mastering the mental, physical, and emotional tools needed to change your life.

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Author Bio

Greg Everett’s background spans an unusual array of professional and personal experiences, from working on an ambulance to authoring a dozen books, to coaching the sport of weightlifting at the world championship level. He’s competed in sports ranging from weightlifting to bicycle trials to tactical shooting, trained and participated in many more from Brazilian jiu-jitsu to boxing to rock climbing, and has been backpacking through the Sierra Nevada and the Cascades for almost thirty years.

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