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TRANSFORMING HEARTACHE INTO H.O.P.E.Congratulations on your silver book award!


Open the Conversation about Mental Health in the African-American Community.

Tarrent-‘Authur’ Henry is challenging the status quo by providing a revolutionary solution to the unspoken issue of mental health in the African-American community.

Transforming Heartache into H.O.P.E. is an essential guide for mental wellness, providing help, offering support, providing education, and encouraging dialogue about mental health.

Unlock the Power of Mental Health Awareness for African Americans.

Through this powerful book, African Americans can finally have the courage to talk about mental health openly and without fear of judgment.

• Get the help you need to understand mental health

• Get support to make the necessary changes in your life

• Be encouraged to openly discuss mental health in your community

You don’t have to leave the comfort of your community to become aware of mental health.

• Learn how to recognize the signs of mental health issues

• Learn how to open the conversation and create a safe space for dialogue

• Discover the power of support and understanding

This book contains the power to change lives today.

It’s an essential guide to transforming heartache into hope. Stop living in fear and suffering in silence. Read Transforming Heartache into H.O.P.E. today. And unlock the power of mental health awareness. Break the silence, challenge the stigmas, and reclaim the H.O.P.E. within you and your community.

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Author Bio

Tarrent-‘Authur’ Henry helps people unlock the power of mental wellness, spiritual wholeness, and transform heartache into hope! Tarrent-Arthur Henry has written a new book called Transforming Heartache into Hope. In this book, Tarrent-‘Authur’ shares his personal journey of spiritual awareness and mental wellness as an example of what is possible. As a best-selling author, poet, pastor, chaplain, disaster relief and mental wellness specialist, certified coach, speaker, teacher, trainer, and facilitator with Maxwell Leadership, Tarrent-‘Authur’ is uniquely qualified to help African-Americans naive about mental health reach their goals with mental and spiritual wholeness. He is a member of ForbesBLK and he was named along with his wife, Helen, as one of Success Magazine’s 125 most influential entrepreneurs of 2022. His book, The Greatest Truth in the Universe is making a difference in people’s lives all around the world. His other book, The Wellness Paradigm, has established him as the go-to person on mental wellness. Start your transformation today and experience mental wellness, spiritual wholeness, and hope with Tarrent-‘Authur’ Henry and his groundbreaking new book, Transforming Heartache Into Hope!

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