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Nonfiction Book Award Status: Silver Award

Title: When Everybody Boosts Everybody Wins

Author Name: Jeffrey A. BosseNonfiction Book Award - Silver Winner - 150


This biography of Evansville, Indiana mayor Benjamin Bosse covers his highly successful careers. Coming to Evansville penniless, his business acumen, drive and energy led him to become the president of the world’s largest furniture manufacturer. Often described as a human dynamo, he built a financial empire that included furniture companies, real estate development companies, hotels, grocery companies, coal mines, newspapers and banks.

A deeply religious man, Bosse served the national Lutheran Church as one of the three lay members of its Board of Directors. He was one of the founders of the Lutheran Laymen’s league and served as chairman of the largest national fund drive the church had ever undertaken.

As the city’s mayor, he built two new high schools and several grade schools, acquired and developed major parks, built Bosse Field, today the third oldest baseball park in the country, modernized and motorized the police and fire departments, established a free dental clinic and a free medical clinic for school students, brought the University of Evansville to the City and was a nationally-recognized leader in the fight for better housing and city planning. He was president of the forerunner of the Chamber of Commerce and led numerous fund raising campaigns for not-for-profit organizations.

When Everybody Boosts Everybody WinsIn addition to serving as mayor, Bosse was also the chairman of the Indiana State Democratic Party and the acknowledged choice to be the Democratic candidate for governor, but he died before that election.

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Author Bio:

Jeff Bosse is a lifelong resident of Evansville, who received his B.A. degree at Vanderbilt University and his law degree from Northwestern University. His law practice is concentrated on the fields of real estate and general and corporate work. He is also the owner and president of Bosse Title Corp.

He is the great-great nephew of Evansville mayor Benjamin Bosse who served as mayor of the City of Evansville from 1914 until his death in 1922. A combination of general family history, Mayor Bosse’s accomplishments and a few negative articles peaked Jeff’s interest in learning more about the former mayor. This book is an attempt to separate fact from fiction and be a fair and accurate account of his life.

Jeff’s son Jeff H. Bosse works with him at Bosse Title. The author is married to Debbie Bosse and he has four grandchildren.


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