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Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD


Do you dread visiting the dentist? Are you the poster child for proper brushing and flossing technique, only to find your efforts do not produce the desired result—a cavity-free smile? Are you tired of the endless cycle of filling cavities, just to find more cavities pop up? Do you find yourself asking, “Why me?”

If you struggle to maintain your oral health or simply want to understand more about how dental caries (cavities) develop, this book is for you. Using the best science in the field of caries research and personalized medicine, Dr. Kutsch offers a detailed look at the causes behind your specific issues and why addressing only the symptoms isn’t effective.

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Author Bio

Dr. V Kim Kutsch DMD is a retired dentist of 40 years. He is a prolific writer, thought leader, inventor, and researcher in the field of dental caries and minimally invasive dentistry. He acts as a reviewer of the Journal of the American Dental Association and Compendium. Dr. Kutsch is the CEO and founder of Dental Alliance Holdings LLC, manufacturers of the CariFree system and is a Scientific Advisor of Dental Caries at the prestigious Kois Center. When he isn’t writing, researching, or advising Dr. Kutsch enjoys spending time with his wife Dana, his children, and grandchildren. He also enjoys fishing, painting, and playing the banjo.  

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