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I'm Here for a PurposeBook Title: 

I’m Here for a Purpose: True Stories of Survival, Faith, Gratitude and Determination


LaDonna Greiner

Publishing Information: 

LG Consulting & Training LLC, 2023

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Barns, Backroads & Byways


LaDonna Greiner tells the tales of her hiking adventures with spell-binding detail and spectacular photographs. Her love of nature, curiosity and fearless disposition take her all over the Ozarks and beyond. From surviving a stormy night in freezing weather atop a Missouri mountain to a wrongful felony charge, her life has the makings of a Greek tragedy. As she witnesses the awe of a Mississippi alligator protecting her young by eating another gator, LaDonna’s ‘show and tell’ makes your spine tingle. Yet, her attitude of faith, determination and gratitude help her overcome each adverse situation as she draws you into the moment. There is no doubt she is here for a purpose.

Author Bio: 

LaDonna Greiner is a multi-talented individual, seamlessly blending her roles as an author, photographer, and gratitude advocate. Her creative works are centered around the transformative power of gratitude. Through her lens and words, LaDonna brings readers into the heart of her remarkable experiences, showcasing the resilience that emerges from a grateful perspective. She and her husband are blessed to live beside a spring-fed creek in the woods, where she finds solace and inspiration. Her love for nature is evident in her pursuits, including hiking, camping, kayaking, and painting, all shared with family and friends. LaDonna’s ultimate happiness is realized when her children and grandchildren join in on these adventures, creating cherished memories together.

Book Excerpt: 

The Parking Lot

Around 6 a.m., January 25, 2021

“Any sign of her?” a leader of the command center asks.

“No, not yet.”

Richard spent the night in the parking lot of Taum Sauk Mountain, hoping and praying that his wife would find her way back to the car safely.

“Mr. Greiner, have you called your family,” another command center leader asks, doing his best not to sound alarmed.

“No, they have to work today. I don’t want to bother them.”

In a kind but firm tone, he urges, “I really think you need to call your children and let them know what’s happened.”

“It’s a four-hour drive.”

The command center leader voices his request with more urgency and concern, “Mr. Greiner, I’m sorry but this isn’t the time to be alone. Please call them.”

Temperatures dipped into the low 30s during the night. A heavy fog still blanketed the area. The fog turned to rain around 10:30 p.m. At 2:30 a.m., the lightning started making it too dangerous for the search and rescue teams to continue.

Richard spent the night in the car, hoping and praying she would return.

But she had not.

And now, they are forcing him to face his worst fear, the dreaded thoughts he managed to suppress over the past 16 hours. He cannot allow his mind to go there. He refuses to acknowledge the possibility.

They don’t think she survived the night.

He looks around at the teams reassembling for the morning search and realizes these are not search and rescue teams.

They are recovery teams. They are preparing to look for a body. His wife’s body.

Choking back tears, he goes to the car, calls his son and daughters in Springfield and slumps in the seat as tears flood his eyes.

His son, daughter and son-in-law are on the road within minutes.

He still refuses to believe she did not make it through the night. She is tough. She is smart. She would never give up that easily. She will make it out. She always makes it out. She has to make it out.

It is not her time to go, he tells himself as the tears continue to flow down his face.


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