Book Award Winner: Mind-Stirring Business Secrets: The Journey to Success: A Conversation with Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders by Christen Hagan et al.

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis Introduction with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington AND Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author J. J. Hebert Being an entrepreneur can be a challenging path. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if you could tap into the expertise of a world-renowned entrepreneurial icon, an […]

Book Award Winner: The Ideal Diet For Humans: Nourish Your Body for Optimal Health, Peak Performance, and Longevity: A Science-Based Guide to Human Nutritional Needs by Dr. Galit Goldfarb

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis In this illuminating book, delve into the fascinating world of human nutritional needs and uncover the secrets to achieving optimal health, peak performance, and longevity. Explore the profound impact of different diets on human health, empowering yourself with knowledge about the most beneficial dietary choices. From debunking myths […]

Book Award Winner: The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba: Hopeful Stories From the Ocean Doctor by David E. Guggenheim

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis Since 1970, the Caribbean has lost half its coral reefs, an ominous and accelerating phenomenon reflected around the world. Beyond the heartbreak of the loss of such exquisite beauty, losing coral reefs means the annual loss of billions of dollars from the global economy and the end of […]

Book Award Winner: Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door: 50 American Chefs Chart Today’s Food Culture by Emmanuel Laroche

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Conversations Behind the Kitchen Door offers an insider’s look into culinary trends through the words of acclaimed and professionally recognized chefs. Among the chefs featured in this book are many nationally known names, including Gabriel Kreuther, Antonio Bachour, Johnny Spero, Elizabeth Falkner, Edward Lee, Jose Garces, and Dan […]

Book Award Winner: Hamburger Dreams: How Classic Crime Solving Techniques Helped Crack the Case of America’s Greatest Culinary Mystery by Christopher Carosa

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Who sold the first hamburger ever? Backed by more than 300 historical footnotes, this account of the birth of the burger takes you on a journey down a delicious rabbit hole where you’ll discover the real hamburger history. It’s the mystery behind something that has touched us all […]

Book Award Winner: This Is Our Home: A Sustainability Story to Help You Start Your Own Eco-Friendly Journey by Trent Romer

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis There are grave environmental issues plaguing our world, from pollution to climate change. These global crises can often leave us feeling powerless, questioning: “How can one person make a real impact?” Drawing from his personal experiences of growing up in a town marred by toxic waste, and his […]

Book Award Winner: Sales And Selling Yourself: If You Can Make Someone Laugh They Can Be Yours by Rick Breitweiser

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis This book is an integration of self-love and human qualities that will enable you to become a successful self-marketeer. As a guidebook, practical instruction and actionable advice and insights are simply explained to improve your personal brand recognition. Extensive coverage is lent to the importance of character building, […]

Book Award Winner: The Resilience Roadmap: 7 Guideposts for Charting Your Course in a Chaotic World by Mark Black

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis If you are a purpose-driven difference-maker struggling to stay engaged when it seems like the odds are stacked against you, this book is for you. Based on a lifetime of thriving through tremendous adversity, Mark Black has created the instruction manual for how to thrive through adversity. The […]

Book Award Winner: The Stress Book: Forty-Plus Ways to Manage Stress and Enjoy Your Life by D. Terrence Foster, MD

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis Are you or someone you know and honestly care about experiencing so much stress in life that it is so overwhelming, or are you or that person trying desperately to avoid that condition? Well, look no further! The Stress Book takes a comprehensive approach to stress management and […]

Book Award Winner: Doing Diabetes Differently: Empower a Healthier You by Chad T. Lewis

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis Get off the blood sugar roller coaster! With Doing Diabetes Differently, Chad Lewis offers down-to-earth perspectives and approaches for all who struggle with diabetes. Lewis combines years of research with firsthand experience as he covers—sometimes provocatively—the mental, nutritional, exercise, and drugs-and-devices aspects of the disease. To present additional […]