Book Award Winner: Psychedelics For Everyone: A Beginner’s Guide to these Powerful Medicines for Anxiety, Depression, Addiction, PTSD, and Expanding Consciousness by Matt Zemon

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis In Psychedelics for Everyone, Matt Zemon provides readers with an inspiring foundation for understanding the profound transformational power of psychedelics. As psychiatric methods and medicines have advanced over the past fifty years, there is an entire group of possible treatment methodologies that the United States—and much of the […]

Book Award Winner: Emotional Magnetism: How to Communicate to Ignite Connection in Your Relationships by Sandy Gerber

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis Winner of Seventeen Book Awards “Communications expert Gerber powerfully lays out the importance of communication skills and how to use them effectively in this smart and sensitive work. Writing with a positive spin throughout, this slim, savvy guide offers a clear route to deep, effective improvement of communication […]

Book Award Winner: History According to SAT: A Content Guide to SAT Reading and Writing by Elizabeth Breau

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis The SAT does not test students on their historical knowledge, but about forty percent of its reading passages contain historical content. Many students, including those who have taken multiple SAT classes, struggle with these passages because they lack the background knowledge that would help them understand what they […]

Book Award Winner: Let Your Path Find You: Embrace Your Own Winding Road to a More Fulfilling Life by Bob Logan

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis Every person on the planet has their own unique path assigned just to them. Has your path found you? By some estimates, eighty percent of us are on autopilot, just doing work every day to make a paycheck, but not doing the ONE thing we do better than […]

Book Award Winner: Harmony at Work: Keys to Tune Up Your Work Relationships by Susan Spero

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Does discord in the workplace get you down? Discover eye-opening insights into easing stress while managing professional connections. Struggling to deal with diverse personalities? Is your boss a micromanaging nightmare? Does “collaboration” really mean you’re handling the entire project? With an MA in psychology, Susan Spero–author, leadership consultant, […]

Book Award Winner: From Junkie to Judge: One Woman’s Triumph Over Trauma and Addiction by Mary Beth O’Connor

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis With a mother who always chose herself over her children’s well-being, Mary Beth O’Connor’s early childhood was an unsettling mess. Left at a convent and then later with family, O’Connor eventually moves in with her mother and her new husband, a man O’Connor once watched punch her mother. […]

Book Award Winner: Unicorn Leadership: Find Your Passion, Achieve Your Goals, and Realize Your Potential by Anne Witherspoon

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Unicorn Leadership will inspire you to dream bigger and accomplish more. Now is the time to reach your full potential! Being intentional about your dreams and creating a plan to overcome the obstacles in your way is a requirement for success. Packed with clear action steps to help […]

Book Award Winner: On Your Marks, Get Set… LEAD!: A Beginner’s Guide to People Leadership by Anna Marshall

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Transitioning to your first people leadership role? Are the strategies and tools that got you here no longer cutting it? Curious about what it takes to become the kind of people leader who develops an amazing team and delivers extraordinary results? The first move into people leadership is […]