Book Award Winner: Addicted to Hope by Jo Anne Mitchum

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Anyone who loves somebody suffering from addiction should pick up Mitchum and Denofio’s 2022 biography, Addicted to Hope: a chronicle of Michelle Mulledy’s life as the wife of an addict. • A journey into self-discovery and self-confidence, Michelle’s story gives real hope to families supporting loved ones battling […]

Book Award Winner: Financially Capable: A Friendly Guide to Building Whole-Health Wealth by Matt Paradise

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis What’s stopping you from achieving your financial goals? In this easy-to-understand guide, Matt Paradise offers new research, valuable resources, and tools and tips to help you manage your money and build a strong foundation for a secure future. Financially Capable teaches you: ​How your values, mindset, and behaviors […]

Book Award Winner: To a High Court: Five Bold Law Students Challenge Corporate Greed and Change the Law by Neil Thomas Proto

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis It is the fall of 1971. Richard Nixon is in the White House. The nation is still in turmoil over the war in Vietnam. The daily body count is diminishing but not the anger over the war’s conduct or the president’s intent on victory. He has moved the […]

Book Award Winner: Elearning Gold: The Ultimate Guide for Leaders: How to Achieve Excellence in Your Virtual Education & Training Program by Annette Levesque

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis In today’s world, elearning has become an essential part of education and training. To succeed, leaders must have a comprehensive understanding of how to create and deliver effective virtual learning experiences. In Elearning Gold: The Ultimate Guide for Leaders, Annette Levesque provides a roadmap for achieving excellence in […]

Book Award Winner: Creating Business Magic: How the Power of Magic Can Inspire, Innovate, and Revolutionize Your Business by David Morey, John McLaughlin, and Eugene Burger

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis Business strategies from the world’s greatest magicians. This book takes everything that three remarkable authors – a corporate strategist, the former acting director of the CIA, and a world-renowned magician – have learned about magic and packs it into a unique framework that captures the best of this […]

Book Award Winner: The Psychological Safety Playbook: Lead More Powerfully by Being More Human by Karolin Helbig & Minette Norman

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis To do their best, every employee needs to feel safe, supported, and heard. Whether you’re a manager, CEO, or entrepreneur, The Psychological Safety Playbook is the guide you need to lead your team to the highest levels of performance. This playbook invites you to explore twenty-five specific actions […]

Book Award Winner: Mind-Stirring Business Secrets: The Journey to Success: A Conversation with Entrepreneurs & Industry Leaders by Christen Hagan et al.

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis Introduction with Shark Tank’s Kevin Harrington AND Wall Street Journal & USA Today Bestselling Author J. J. Hebert Being an entrepreneur can be a challenging path. But what if it didn’t have to be? What if you could tap into the expertise of a world-renowned entrepreneurial icon, an […]

Book Award Winner: The Ideal Diet For Humans: Nourish Your Body for Optimal Health, Peak Performance, and Longevity: A Science-Based Guide to Human Nutritional Needs by Dr. Galit Goldfarb

Congratulations on your bronze book award! Synopsis In this illuminating book, delve into the fascinating world of human nutritional needs and uncover the secrets to achieving optimal health, peak performance, and longevity. Explore the profound impact of different diets on human health, empowering yourself with knowledge about the most beneficial dietary choices. From debunking myths […]

Book Award Winner: The Remarkable Reefs of Cuba: Hopeful Stories From the Ocean Doctor by David E. Guggenheim

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis Since 1970, the Caribbean has lost half its coral reefs, an ominous and accelerating phenomenon reflected around the world. Beyond the heartbreak of the loss of such exquisite beauty, losing coral reefs means the annual loss of billions of dollars from the global economy and the end of […]