Book Award Winner: My Temper Taming Workbook… for Us: A Family-Help Workbook for Young People Experiencing Anger and the Adult Who Is Trying to Help by Dustin Wright, Ed.S, LPC

Congratulations on your gold book award! Synopsis As a mental healthcare provider, I have used many different bibliotherapy resources over the years. Most of the time, these resources are targeted at the adult/ parent or strictly for the child. What the industry forgets is families are connected systems and one cannot ask a family member […]

Book Award Winner: ABCs of the World’s Religions by Rev. Vicki Michela Garlock, Ph.D.

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Thank you for sharing the beauty of the world’s religions with kids! As our communities become increasingly diverse, we appreciate your passion for creating a kinder and more peaceful world. Several major faith traditions — including Hinduism, Buddhism, Judaism, Christianity, Islam, and Sikhism — are explored in this […]

Book Award Winner: The Teen’s Guide to Saving the World by Aaditya Sengupta Dhar

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis Our world is under serious threat. Not from supervillains or alien invaders, but from monsters of our own making- climate change, environmental degradation and the growing inequality between the haves and have-nots. The world certainly looks messed up, but it can be saved. Not by caped crusaders or […]

Book Award Winner: History According to SAT: A Content Guide to SAT Reading and Writing by Elizabeth Breau

Congratulations on your silver book award! Synopsis The SAT does not test students on their historical knowledge, but about forty percent of its reading passages contain historical content. Many students, including those who have taken multiple SAT classes, struggle with these passages because they lack the background knowledge that would help them understand what they […]

Book Award Winner: Dance of the Dolphins

Nonfiction Book Award Status: GOLD Synopsis Dance of the Dolphins is the fifth book in Patricia Gleichauf’s award-winning “Under the Sea” series. This book is a rhyming lesson filled with unique facts about these remarkable mammals.  Children of all ages will love learning about dolphins in this beautifully illustrated book. Buy the book Author Bio Writing […]