Contribute to the Nonfiction Book Club

Contribute to the Nonfiction Book Club

This site is managed by the Nonfiction Authors Association. It features many works by our members, book lists compiled by our team, and guest book reviews.

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At this time, we do not accept books for review or pitches of any kind.

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Contribute a Written Book Review

We’re looking for book reviews between 300–500 words (2–5 paragraphs) on nonfiction books in a variety of categories. While current nonfiction titles are appreciated, you may review a book that’s not brand-new. We can also repurpose something you’ve already published as long as you change the title and first paragraph.
Here are some of the categories and genres we typically look for:
· Business/Finance
· Memoir
· Health and wellness
· Creativity
· Publishing/Writing
· Parenting
· Self-development/Relationships
· Political writing
· Current events
· Cooking
· Travel
· Spirituality
· Grief/Dying
· History
· Nonfiction for teens and children
If your entry is selected and published on our site, you will be entered in a quarterly drawing for a $100 gift card to one of the following businesses (your choice!):
(Drawings will become more frequent as more submissions are received.)

Book Review Submission Guidelines

  • 2–5 paragraphs about a nonfiction book published in the last ten years. (approximately 300–500 words)
  • Only positive reviews. While fair constructive criticism of reviewed books is certainly expected and allowed, reviews containing any derogatory language or “bashing” will not be accepted.
  • You may include your byline. Please add your author byline (25 words max) at the end of your review. You may also include a link to your website, if applicable.
  • You cannot review your own books.

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