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Reasons to Stay AliveReasons to Stay Alive by Matt Haig
Penguin Life; Reprint edition, February 23, 2016
This beautifully raw memoir not only shares struggles of depression, but also aims to inspire readers to make the most out of their lives.

Hello I Want to Die Please Fix Me: Depression in the First Person by Anna Mehler Paperny
The Experiment, March 31, 2020
Using her background as a reporter, Anna sets off on a mission to understand the beast that almost killed her – depression.

I Want to Die but I Want to Eat Tteokbokki: A Memoir by Baek Sehee
Bloomsbury Publishing; Unabridged edition, November 1, 2022
In this memoir, Baek expands upon the recordings she took during her therapy sessions to tackle the conundrum of depression.

May Cause Side Effects: A Memoir by Brooke Siem
Central Recovery Press, September 6, 2022
While the primary focus of this book is evaluating the effects of antidepressants, it also highlights the struggles of depression – even when taking medication.

The Other Side of Silence: A Psychiatrist’s Memoir of Depression by Linda Gask
Vie, September 28, 2016
The Other Side of Silence perfectly marries Linda’s own experience with depression with the experiences of her patients with the hopes of increasing understanding of this invisible disease.

Sixty-ninth Street Suicide: A Memoir of Divorce, Depression and Defining My Why by Sharon Greenwald
Wisdom Editions; 2nd ed. Edition, January 31, 2023
This beautifully raw memoir outlines the lifelong struggle of a life plagued by depression.

Still Life: A Memoir of Living Fully with Depression by Gillian Marchenko
IVP, April 28, 2016
Filled with hope, this book chronicles Gillian’s struggles with depression and discusses various treatments she’s used to help her play the hand she was dealt.

Broken (in the Best Possible Way) by Jenny Lawson
Henry Holt and Co.; Illustrated edition, April 6, 2021
With the goal of humanizing depression, Jenny Lawson shares her journey in a humorous and candid way.

The Hilarious World of Depression by John Moe
St. Martin’s Press; Standard Edition, May 5, 2020
Chock-full of humor, John investigates the disease that is depression by sharing his story and the stories of others he’s interviewed on his mental health podcast.

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