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Every Woman's Guide to Saving the PlanetEvery Woman’s Guide To Saving The Planet by Natalie Isaacs
ABC Books, January 19, 2021
The founder and CEO of 1 Million Women, Natalie Isaacs, explains why climate change is such a big issue and how women can harness their power to make a big difference.

How To Save Our Planet: The Facts by Mark A. Maslin
Penguin Life, January 1, 2022
How to Save Our Planet: The Facts aims to be a beacon of hope and a call to action to take simple steps that can be compounded to make a huge difference in helping the environment.

Climate Restoration: The Only Future That Will Sustain the Human Race by Peter Fiekowsky and Carole Douglis
Rivertowns Books, April 21, 2022
Peter Fiekowsky and Carole Douglis evaluate the common proposed solutions to combat climate change and provide their realistic opinions as to the only solutions that will work.

Choked by Beth Gardiner
Granta Books, April 19, 2019
Choked outlines Beth Gardiner’s interactions with the scientists that are leading the discussion about pollution and highlights real-world solutions to environmental problems.

Generation Dread: Finding Purpose in an Age of Climate Crisis by Britt Wray
Knopf Canada, May 3, 2022
The severity of the climate crisis can be overwhelming and grim, but this book provides ways to stay sane and help combat the climate crisis.

A Clouded Leopard in the Middle of the Road: New Thinking about Roads, People, and Wildlife by Darryl Jones
Comstock Publishing Associates, May 15, 2022
This book takes an honest look at how new road construction affects wildlife and the environment, which is one aspect of saving the environment that can be sometimes overlooked.

The Greatest Polar Expedition of All Time: The Arctic Mission to the Epicenter of Climate Change by Markus Rex
Greystone Books, May 17, 2022
Get the inside scoop about the MOSAiC Expedition, which involved the journey of an ice-breaker ship taking over 100 scientists to the epicenter of the climate crisis – the arctic.

A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse: Our Journey from the Age of Prosperity to the Era of Environmental Grief by Vítězslav Kremlík
Identity Publications,December 6, 2021
A Guide to the Climate Apocalypse provides a detailed history of how the climate crisis got to where it is and the most useful steps to combat it.

Global Climate Change: The Pragmatist’s Guide to Moving the Needle by Ivo Welch and Bradford Cornell
Bowker, June 1, 2022
Ivo Welch and Bradford Cornell evaluate why efforts to address climate change have failed and what should be done instead.

Smokescreen: Debunking Wildfire Myths to Save Our Forests and Our Climate by Chad T. Hanson
University Press of Kentucky, May 25, 2021
As we see an uptick in devastating wildfires, this book takes a look at the most common wildfire misconceptions and the policies in place that are contributing to the problem.

Material Value: More Sustainable, Less Wasteful Manufacturing of Everything from Cell Phones to Cleaning Products by Julia L F Goldstein
Bebo Press, April 8, 2019
Guidance on the use of plastics can be overwhelming, but Julia Goldstein provides simple solutions to use more sustainable products.

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