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Hamburger DreamsAuthor:
Christopher Carosa

Book Title:
Hamburger Dreams: How Classic Crime Solving Techniques Helped Crack the Case of America’s Greatest Culinary Mystery

Publishing Information:
Pandamensional Solutions, Inc., 2018

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Who sold the first hamburger ever? Backed by more than 300 historical footnotes, this account of the birth of the burger takes you on a journey down a delicious rabbit hole where you’ll discover the real hamburger history.

It’s the mystery behind something that has touched us all and will continue to touch generations into the future. It’s the mystery behind a trillion-dollar industry. It’s the mystery behind something so simple, so common, so obvious, that no one bothered to write it down. It is the birth of the world’s first hamburger.

Hamburger Dreams uses criminal inquiry techniques with the rigor of an academic researcher to expose the myths and separate the facts from the fiction surrounding the true story of who sold the first hamburger.

In this book, you’ll learn the real answers to:

– Did the 1904 World’s Fair in St. Louis really inaugurate the “hamburg sandwich” as purportedly described in a New York Tribune article that same year and was said to be taught by McDonald’s famous Hamburger University?

– Was the first hamburger served in 1900 at Louis Lunch, a diner in New Haven, Connecticut as reported by the New York Times and recognized as such by the Library of Congress?
Did Fletcher “Old Dave” Davis first place a ground beef patty on bread in “the late 1880’s” as suggested by the Dallas Morning News?

– If the hamburger really was first invented in 1885, either by Charles Nagreen at the Outagamie County Fair in Seymour, Wisconsin, or by Charles and Frank Menches at the Erie County Fair in Hamburg, New York, which fair occurred first?

Literature’s most famous detective appeared at the same time the first hamburger was sold. Would he have conceded just because the case lacked a credible eyewitness? Would he say it’s impossible to know who among the usual suspects most likely sold the first hamburger? No. Sherlock Holmes didn’t rely on the existence of a smoking gun. He used something more convincing: the power of deduction.

Award-winning academic researcher and journalist Christopher Carosa uses these classic crime solving techniques and other investigative tools to crack the mystery behind who sold the world’s first hamburger. In Hamburger Dreams, Carosa submits his findings in much the same way a DA might present a final summation to the jury.

If you like a compelling narrative, the suspense of a long-lost mystery, and the thrill of new evidence uncovered, then you’ll love Chris Carosa’s well researched case of the usual suspects (and more).

Can’t wait to see the reveal in this classic who dunnit?
Buy Hamburger Dreams and take an entertaining journey that both quenches and delights your curiosity with the true facts behind the origin of the hamburger.

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Book Testimonials:

  • This is a great read, easy to follow and full of anecdotes. I got thru this book in two days and went back for more of the humorous stories that were all backed up with dates, times, weather and geographical facts. In fact when was the last time you read a book that had so many facts backing up the authors research- they had to include 17 pages of footnotes! Everybody needs to know the story of the hamburger our iconic American Sandwich and how it got started. Chris Carosa really nails it.
  • I have to admit; this was the strangest mystery book I have ever read, yet it was totally captivating. In all honesty, as I started the book, I really wondered to myself what I had gotten myself into. What had I agreed to read and review? The lightness and touch of humor kept me reading, and the allure of such a strange mystery, captivated my attention. Before I knew it, I was all in and curious who really was behind the first hamburger. So many people and so many tales share who it was – people spending a lot of money, time, and effort to document history of being the first. But all those people can’t be the first, can they? The author uses basic “who done it” methods to deduce the mystery down, using old newspaper articles, human testimony, and historical facts to deduce the mystery down – taking us on the journey with him as I found myself trying to figure it out on my own before the author shared the answer.




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