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Name:  Mark PaulThe Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told by Mark Paul

Book Title: The Greatest Gambling Story Ever Told


What is your book about?

A female race-horse battles the males in an historic Kentucky Derby as three daring gamblers risk their lives in Tijuana betting with the Mexican Cartel – to win millions.

Congratulations on selling over 10,000 books in your first five months! That’s a major accomplishment. How did you do it?

Which categories on Amazon have featured your book in the top 10?

Horse Racing
History of Sports
Sports Gambling
(All) Gambling
Horse Care
White Collar Crime Biographies
Organized Crime Biographies
Horse Sports
Track Betting

What other opportunities have arisen for you due to reaching the top of so many categories?

I’ve had many podcast requests and interviews. The major change is I now sell approximately 1,800 books per month organically (not via Amazon Ads) – however I do have other book advertisements on web sites that help these sales numbers.

What tips do you want to share with authors on how to leverage KDP ads for their own books?

Study and read and experiment. It takes probably 40 hours up front or more to perfect your ads and KDP  book information. You have to spend $ to generate sales.

What’s next for you?

I plan to work to attract major media to my book via  radio, podcasts, sports journalists.  My book has been  optioned for a TV series and I hope to work on that!

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