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Agent Name:Lorin Rees
Lorin Rees

Agency Name/Location:
Rees Literary Agency, Boston

Agency Link:

Nonfiction Genres Represented:

Narrative non-fiction, memoir, business, self-help, psychology, public affairs.

What is your best tip for new writers looking for a book deal?

Do research and be diligent.

What kinds of pitches catch your attention?

Something special, something that hasn’t been written about before.

How important is platform in getting a deal?

It’s important, but it depends on the subject, who the author is, what is happening in the world and other variables.

What do you look for in a writer’s platform?

That he/she has credibility/authority in the subject / area of interest, and has some kind of presence in the media.

How should writers promote themselves right now (before approaching an agent)?

In any way that is comfortable for them.

What should writers know about book proposals?

Everything the possibly can. There is a lot of information out there on this. And a writer should also seek out advice and examples of proposals from peers or anyone they can.

What other steps should writers take before approaching an agent?

Ask yourself…”would you pay $25 for this book? Would you recommend that someone pay that much for the book?” Be ridiculously self-critical or get feedback from people you can trust. It is very tough to get published and it – the book – has to be not just good, but extraordinary.

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