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Author Name: Bruce BartonPersonal Finance for Tech Professionals by Bruce Barton

Book Title: Personal Finance for Tech Professionals


Personal Finance for Tech Professionals is both comprehensive and accessible—laying out what tech professionals need to know to manage their personal finances. The book covers best practices for the unique financial issues facing technology professionals such as:

  • Stock-based compensation, including stock options and restricted stock units
  • Balancing spending and retirement savings
  • Determining how much to save for regular or early retirement
  • Investing using an institutional approach
  • Housing and real estate issues
  • Concepts and techniques for reducing taxes
  • Dealing with overwork and stress
  • Practical considerations for acquisitions and IPOs
  • Sustainable withdrawal rates in retirement
  • Charitable planning
  • And much more

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Author Bio:

Bruce Barton, CFP® CFA is a practicing wealth manager in Silicon Valley and the owner and founder of a boutique wealth management firm. With a background in both tech and finance, he brings valuable insight into the particular challenges faced by tech professionals in managing their personal finances.

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