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Author Name: Cathy R. PayneSaving the Guinea Hogs

Book Title: Saving the Guinea Hogs: The Recovery of an American Homestead Breed


This book tells the story of the iconic small southern Guinea Hog breed during the 19th and 20th centuries. It covers the factors that led to their decline until they were near extinction by 1990. A dedicated group of breeders worked to save the hogs, track their genetics, and begin an organization dedicated to its recovery. During her research, Cathy Payne discovered bloodlines belonging to breeders who never joined the association formed in 2006. She and three other women formed a network to recover these bloodlines, maintain them, and work with the American Guinea Hog Association to conserve the genetics in order to add much needed biodiversity to the national herd. Cathy reflects on what she learned during this journey and makes recommendations to current and future breeders to save the Guinea Hog breed for future generations.

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