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Recover, Rebuild, ThriveAuthor Name: Christiana Star

Book Title: Recover, Rebuild, Thrive. A practical guide to moving on from difficult life changes.


Recover, Rebuild, Thrive is a practical and powerful ‘how-to’ book for personal transformation, empowerment and success in the aftermath of trauma, pain and change. While adversity is often seen as leading to psychological scarring for life, it can also be a catalyst for inner growth, reassessment of priorities, increased emotional maturity and thriving in life. Using real life stories, the book provides inspiration, hope and clarity, insights and information with many easy-to-use practical strategies. It offers clear direction and reassurance that instead of suffering and helplessness you can make the changes you desire.

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Christiana Star (BA Hons Psychology, BA Hons Education) is a licensed psychologist, author and speaker with strong focus on self-help, empowerment and personal growth. Her work is solution-focused, multidisciplinary and offers practical resources for everyone who wants to achieve personal transformation and success on their own terms.

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