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Author Name: Craig K. SvenssonBreaking the Grip of Addiction by Craig K. Svensson

Book Title: Breaking the Grip of Addiction: How is Drug Addiction Started, Sustained, and Stopped?


Drug addiction is a massive public health crisis. Current interventions, public policy, and untold millions of dollars in biomedical research are based on the assumption that addiction is a chronic disease like diabetes and schizophrenia. Does this model withstand scrutiny, or does it falter in the face of the best evidence? Has it served us well in responding to this public health crisis? What if the high failure rate of current interventions is due, at least in part, to wrong views about this malady—its cause and cure? Could some of our programs be making matters worse? What if many of our laws and regulations reflect errant notions of addiction and lead to more harm than good? Are we even willing to consider these possibilities? Breaking the Grip of Addiction provides a critical assessment of the validity of dominant views about and interventions for addiction.

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Craig K. Svensson, PharmD, PhD is Dean Emeritus and Professor of Medicinal Chemistry & Molecular Pharmacology in the Purdue University College of Pharmacy, as well as Adjunct Professor of Pharmacology & Toxicology in the Indiana University School of Medicine.

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