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The ChaseAuthor Name: George Gipson

Book Title: The Chase


The Chase could be compared in some ways to bestselling novel The Shack. There is an emphasis on the Christian Trinity of Father, Son, and Holy Spirit present in Gipson’s work. It is through Gipson’s renewed faith and his encounter with God that his life changed, and his audience, too, will benefit from a deeper understanding of who God is. The Chase features supernatural signs and symbols, and it will deeply convict readers of their vices—while offering sincere hope through its core message of God’s faithfulness. God’s love for his people speaks from every page. For those who are questioning faith and for the devout alike, The Chase is a source of inspiration and revival that shouldn’t be missed.

Additional Announcement:

Recently Released! The scripture component to the The Chase will also be released as an E-book for Pastors and Biblical teachers and professors. It will be available soon as a sub-title The Chase – Through Scriptures.

Author Bio:

The Chase depicts Gipson’s journey from darkness to light in hopes that many will feel empowered to find freedom and joy. For decades, Gipson has contributed to the recovery and reentry fields as a nonprofit pioneer. Most of all, he cherishes time with his wife, children, and grandchildren, for whom he is immensely grateful.

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