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Author Name: Harry FreedmanKabbalah Secrecy Scandal and the Soul by Harry Freedman

Book Title: Kabbalah: Secrecy, Scandal and the Soul


Kabbalah was never meant to be fashionable. Its earliest exponents; deeply mystical, other-worldly Jews, studying in closed, secretive groups, in twelfth century Provence would have been amazed, and probably horrified, to hear how far and wide their doctrine has spread and how universal it has become.

The recent interest in Kabbalah emerged out of the 1960s’ hippy movement’s fascination with mysticism. It became particularly popular with the advent of New Age spirituality in the late 20th century, when it was feted as a technique for personal development. This wasn’t Kabbalah as it was practised in the 12th century. But Kabbalah has always evolved, changed, and bifurcated into different strands.

This book tells the story of Kabbalah’s origins, its development and spread, up to the present day; its story is far from over. I have tried in this book, to provide a flavour of its history.

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I write on the history of religion, culture and ideas. My books, all published by Bloomsbury, include The Talmud: A Biography and The Murderous History of Bible Translations. Before I started writing I had an entrepreneurial career, full of variety and change. I live in London with my wife Karen.

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