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Author Name: Jerry AlbrittonAmerica's Other Pandemic by Jerry Albritton

Book Title: America’s Other Pandemic – A Christian’s Perspective on the Decaying of America’s Moral Foundation


A thought-provoking discussion from a Christian perspective of the cultural, social, spiritual, political, and racial impacts of the events surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic, and what author Jerry Albritton calls “America’s Other Pandemic”—a moral decline exacerbated by the unprecedented events and dramatic changes in 2020 and 2021 resulting from today’s racial unrest, nationalist extremist activities, minority oppression, and political divisiveness. This book makes the case that today’s cultural climate no longer represents the ideals of America’s founding. Jerry believes this pervasive moral decay is slowly, persistently destroying America’s moral foundation, supporting principles, values, and way of life. This book expresses the dire need for Divine guidance by offering ways to “think again” about important aspects of American life, livelihood, faith, and how we interact with others, especially those not like us, and additionally to differentiate our divergence from God’s perspective, based on Biblical teachings, while offering a path for restoration.

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Veteran, former pastor, Christian author, freelance writer, author of his blog, “Prayer Box Inspirations”, Jerry brings strong faith in God and love of country to bear in sharing his personal convictions in his writings where he brings a profound understanding of human behavior through in-depth knowledge, education, and fundamental beliefs.

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