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Author Name: Joanne VerikiosWinning Horsemanship by Joanne Verikios

Book Title: Winning Horsemanship: A Judge’s Secrets And Tips For Your Success


Packed with wit, wisdom and illustrations, Winning Horsemanship is a must read for horse lovers. If you:

• dream of taking your horsemanship to the next level;
• have ever left the arena wondering why you didn’t do better;
• want to have more fun with your horse, instead of feeling guilty about maybe doing the wrong thing;
• would like to create a truly harmonious partnership where your horse is happy, smart and confident and responds willingly, free from fear or confusion;
• want to achieve horse-life balance and become a better human being;
• are looking for advice that is simple, timeless and gimmick-free; or
• just feel that you could simply use some self-belief, inspiration and motivation

– then this enlightening book is for you!

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Author Bio:
Joanne Verikios’s earliest ambition was to be a bareback rider in a circus. Although she never did run off to the circus, she has lived a life filled riding, training, breeding and judging horses. Now an international award-winning author, Joanne has also represented Australia in the sport of powerlifting.

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