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Author Name: Joselyn Smith-GreeneThe Gift of Knowing You by Joselyn Smith-Greene

Book Title: The Gift of Knowing You, Discovering the Power of Your Story


The book leads readers on a journey of self-discovery. It encourages readers to examine who they are beyond their everyday roles and responsibilities, to gain a stronger sense of self. Questions and exercises encourage readers to reflect on their collective life experiences; the highs, the lows, and everything in between. They will identify what’s important, what matters, and where their joy resides. I share parts of my story to exemplify the discovery process and how I resolved and transformed my painful past.

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Author Bio:

A little about Joselyn:
Location: New York, USA
Known For: Journaling, Writing and Making just because
Superpower: Creativity
Favorite Quote: Dwell in Possibility…Emily Dickinson
Personal Philosophy: Self-love and self-care are paramount
Best Advice: Mindfulness will offer you your best life
Obsession: the examination of personal story
Loves: Books with blank pages to fill

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