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Beyond the Green TeamAuthor Name:

Julia L F Goldstein

Book Title:

Beyond the Green Team: Aligning Internal and External Communication to Advance Corporate Sustainability


Does your workplace reflect your values? In Beyond the Green Team, award-winning author Julia L F Goldstein shows that the way you communicate sustainability, first within your company and then beyond your walls, is the essential foundation of any successful green initiative. Learn about the importance of mission and vision, strategies to build a successful green team, ways to encourage collaboration, approaches for effective external communication, and advice for avoiding common mistakes. It’s time to take your company’s sustainability journey to the next level.

Author Bio:

Julia is an author and business owner on a mission to make manufacturing more sustainable. Her first book, Material Value, was a Finalist in the 2019 San Francisco Writers Contest and Semifinalist for the 2020 Nonfiction BookLife Prize. Rethink the Bins received a Gold award from the Nonfiction Authors Association.

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