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Author Name: Katherine M. Gotthardt, M.Ed.Get Happier by Katherine M. Gotthardt

Book Title: Get Happier, Dammit


The extended version of the NFAA Silver Award winning Get Happy, Dammit, this book includes more ways to get inspired and motivated to improve quality of life. With short excerpts, quotes from writers, teachers, coaches and executives, practical exercises and inspiring poems, Get Happier, Dammit is an easy-to-read game changer.

“The exercises are ones I used in the classroom and in life,” says Gotthardt, who has facilitated adult education and corporate programs. “I’ve had many mentors and advisors over the years, and they have all contributed to my ability pen these books. And in the case of Get Happier, Dammit, I was blessed to have readers with their own insights to offer. That they were willing to share their wisdom…that’s something to be happy about.”

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Award-winning author and poet Katherine Gotthardt, M.Ed., is a lifelong writer and learner dedicated to making a difference. With 11 books to her name, dozens of magazine and journal publications and decades of experience, she uses book sale proceeds to support non-profit and community-based initiatives that improve quality of life.

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