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Author Name: Lee Holcomb

Book Title: Lifestyle Lawyer: The Female Attorney’s Guide to Designing a Law Career You Love

Lifestyle LawyerSynopsis

There’s a widely held belief among female attorneys that to succeed professionally they must become a partner in a law firm or a general counsel at a large company. But why? Many female attorneys will have as much (if not more) happiness and success with a less traditional job: one that’s less stressful, allows for more time to spend with their families, or provides more opportunities to work on meaningful projects. Lifestyle Lawyer addresses the special challenges and opportunities female attorneys face in this new legal environment, both at work and in their personal lives. Section 1 of the book guides the transformation process. Section 2 looks at six different career paths for attorneys.

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Lee HolcombLee Holcomb started her legal career at a traditional law firm in Tennessee. In her next career she would become the COO and Director of Legal Solutions at an International Legal Process Outsourcing Company. Lee is currently on the third stage of her career: as an author, speaker, consultant and yoga/wellness coach for stressed-out attorneys.

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