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overcoming spiritual myopiaAuthor Name: Margaret Placentra Johnston

Book Title: Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: A View Toward Peace Among the Religions


In Overcoming Spiritual Myopia, the provincial nature of insular, exclusive belief systems is characterized as a Spiritual Myopia that causes numerous misguided ills in our increasingly multicultural world. Various factors arising in postmodernity call us to broader appreciation. For example, What universal human need did every culture in every part of the world seek to meet when each formed its own religious/spiritual beliefs and practices? Two themes serve as backdrop throughout Overcoming Spiritual Myopia: 1) Spiritual Development Theory which describes a trajectory individuals tend to travel in their personal development, and to which Margaret’s first book, Faith Beyond Belief was devoted and 2) Human cultural evolution which can be shown to mirror individual spiritual development. While challenging current assumptions, Overcoming Spiritual Myopia presents a hopeful view for an inclusive, interconnected and more loving society that could be ours if only more people could appreciate the unifying potential of postmodern spiritual perspectives.

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Dr. Margaret Placentra Johnston, a practicing Optometrist, offers her second book aimed at encouraging expanded spiritual vision. Lamenting the divisive and insular concepts still promoted today in popular religion, Margaret offers a perspective beyond the #spiritualmyopia of the conventional belief vs nonbelief divide. She writes to show how universal spiritual awareness could bring about a kinder, more gentle world.

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