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Author Name: Mark RomanConquering the Boundaries of Friendship by Mark Roman

Book Title: Conquering The Boundaries of Friendship – Making and Maintaining Meaningful Male Relationships


Men are at a disadvantage when it comes to forming relationships with other men, As Boys, men are taught to suppress their emotions and to avoid vulnerability at all costs – to be winners and warriors. Mark Roman Spent a year collecting hundreds of interviews with men from dozens of countries around the world and found that these societal and cultural boundaries exist everywhere, and have created a male population that deeply longs for friendship, yet can’t find it. This book will encourage as many men as possible to develop and maintain deep and meaningful relationships – Mark Roman shares stories and techniques that have helped other men find success in crossing societal boundaries and forming friendships – and in turn helped them become better, happier, and more connected humans.

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Author Bio:Mark Roman

As an adopted child from an orphanage without brothers and sisters growing up in the 1960s Rust Belt, Mark Roman had to quickly learn how to nurture friendships with other kids – as an adult, Mark’s professional career took him all over the world, his aim with this book is to help as many people as possible overcome their perceived boundaries to forming impactful friendships and inspire a conversation which will continue well beyond these pages.

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