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Author Name: Maxine Wright-Walters, Ph.DThe Alphabet Circle Journey by Maxine Wright-Walters Ph.D

Book Title: The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life


The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life is an A to Z exploration of the deeply held ties that bind all of humanity, and the invaluable knowledge released when they’re broken. Through her concept of dual existence, Wright-Walters reveals how relinquishing ego allows for soul-level unions more fulfilling than those purely physical. And with her code for extracting the secret information expressed at a friendship or romance’s end, you’ll soon be linking ever-tighter with those you love and taking hold of joy.

In The Alphabet Circle Journey, you’ll discover:
• A chemistry-based letter-by-letter outline for stirring ease into your world
• How to absorb life’s lessons to overcome emotional pain and put the pep back in your step
• Methods to capitalize on every interaction and fill your life with deeper significance
• What you can control when relationships end and why the loss is your gain
• Personal wisdom, expert anecdotes, and much, much more!

The Alphabet Circle Journey: Living Your Best Life is an innovative guide for building on social breakups and bolstering your existing connections. If you like bold theories, broadly influenced philosophies, and well-structured analysis, then you’ll love Maxine Wright-Walters Ph.D.’s astounding guide.

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Maxine Wright-Walters, Ph.D., is a mother, nature lover, author, and scientist who loves people. She is also a certified behavioral coach, a certified life coach, public speaker, and consultant who focuses on teaching and helping people to live their own best lives.

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