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Author Name: Merryl HammondNavigating Bipolar Country by Merryl Hammond

Book Title: Navigating Bipolar Country: Personal and Professional Perspectives on Living with Bipolar Disorder


This 2022 book grew out of my bestselling memoir, “Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country.” Many bipolar peers contacted me, and I soon realized their stories deserved to be shared as well. This unique anthology has 42 chapters divided into three sections: Part 1 is by people who – like me – live with bipolar disorder; Part 2 is by our often-overlooked family members; and Part 3 is by the clinicians and therapists who work with us. The reader gains powerful insights into the confusing and often desperate world of bipolar disorder. Early reviews praise the poignancy of the essays that take readers on a bumpy ride deep into the wilds of this severe mental illness. The book will captivate, educate and inspire you, and help fight the stigma against bipolar and all mental illnesses. Welcome to bipolar country!

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I was diagnosed with bipolar at age 51 and flipped from being a nurse and health consultant to a locked ward patient. I published my memoir, “Mad Like Me: Travels in Bipolar Country,” in 2018, and then decided to work with others to share their stories in this anthology.

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