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Author Name: Robert G. Fawcett, M.D.Calming the Bipolar Storm by Robert G. Fawcett M.D.

Book Title: Calming the Bipolar Storm: a Guide for Patients and their Families


Calming the Bipolar Storm presents an in-depth, engaging overview of bipolar disorder and its treatment, punctuated with case vignettes and interesting glimpses into the history behind today’s concepts of bipolar disorder and its treatment. The reader will gain a thorough knowledge of bipolar medications and their side effects and learn ways to promote mood stability by optimizing diet, sleep, exercise and social interactions. The negative role of substance abuse in worsening the course of bipolar disorder is discussed, along with suicide, pregnancy, and bipolar disorder in youth and the elderly.

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Dr. Robert G. Fawcett has practiced psychiatry for over forty years, in hospital and outpatient settings, treating hundreds of bipolar patients in all phases of their illness. He has published papers in several leading psychiatry journals.

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