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Author Name: Out of the Fog by Sandra CH Smith

Sandra CH Smith

Book Title:

Out of the Fog! A Story of Survival, Faith and Courage


Smith had it all—a long-term marriage, two young children, elegant home in Philadelphia, summer beach cottage, and a successful journalism career. After being hit head-on by another driver, Sandra suffered long-term retrograde amnesia for almost a year until a counselor suggested a few drinks when anxious, an almost deadly prescription for a borderline alcoholic. To escape her husband’s manipulative control and alcohol’s grasp, at two years sober, Smith walked away from everything to care for her 82 year-old paraplegic mother. Rebuilding her own life, Smith bought a 35-foot sailboat, taught herself to sail, and spent seven years sailing the Pacific mostly alone, sometimes with her teenaged daughter. From San Francisco to Easter Island without electronics or radar, she navigated with just a compass, a chart and a prayer. This spiritual odyssey rooted in her a fearlessness as she embraced the joy of being a strong, sober and independent woman.

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Sandra CH Smith says adventure is in her DNA and stories of her amazing life prove it! In her latest book (a memoir), she shares how marital discord, alcoholism and recovery led her to a mostly solo seven-year sailing adventure in the Pacific. She lives in Arizona’s High Sonoran Desert.

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